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Hi I'm Chiyoko Kusayanagi and I love to create beautiful and efficient websites. Check out my work experience below and request a quote if you have an interesting project

About My Work 🔴日本語

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My Work

We value a clean and simple design. It's usually the best way to reach your target audience.
We offer HTML, Wordpress, and site creation with social media that specializes in using the best templates for creating great projects.
While working as an NPO clerk who also helps with freelance work, I regularly emailed member content and acquired some great online marketing skills.

Features of my service

I started my activity in 2004. This is the 16th year. I have written articles about the wonderful people I have met. The main fields were art and real estate. They were very pleased. This is an example of using my business skills as a hobby.

Newsletter, blog, social media,app

I've been working as a web editor with timely tools. I'm currently creating a landing page using a template. Basically, we keep our shops and services simple and easy to understand so that your target audience can easily understand them. Not only that, the features of my work are as follows.

  • A page that suits your personality, activity, and service
  • I will actually experience
  • Use the photos and texts I have experienced

"Work From Ferris wheel" is also one of the work samples. If you need such a landing pages, please feel free to contact us 🙂

Template Site


Offered Services

Company Website

I love to create dependable business are solutions for small and mediumrf sized word companies.

  • Update management of NPO site
  • SNS update and photography

Writing Page

I love writing credible sentences. Create new encounters with customers.

  • Sentences that make readers smile
  • Reassuring and reliable words

Social media agency

We will provide information on a regular basis, make reservations and respond to inquiries on your behalf.

  • Posts for fan acquisition
  • Customer support that can increase repeaters

Project portfolio


HTML template made in Japan


A simple design that can be seen even on older smartphone models. I chose a fun template that is cute for children and the elderly to see.

Production:IkosFactory/Designe:Template-Party/Usage template:Gallery, for photo exhibition・tp_photo7


HTML template made overseas


Designed for foreigners living overseas and in Japan, which is close to the current IT fashion. In addition, we gave top priority to how it looks on smartphones.

Production:TokyoWC/Designe:inovatik.com/Usage template:Evolo - StartUp Landing Page Template


WordPress theme

iine! Creators Colony

I chose the genuine WordPress theme to tell many people that it's free and easy. It is a color that children and mothers can feel at ease.

Production:iine!CC/Designe:WordPress/Usage template:Stow


Example of writing

Toiroha / JOBHUB

I am contributing texts to services and contents of other companies.

Contact Information

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